Recent Success Story

MOST RECENT SUCCESS STORY- A total transformation!

Leona is a life saver… literally! I honestly can not say enough good things about Leona. At a time in my life where I had hit the wall and felt there were no solutions, she dramatically changed my quality of life and health.

I had been seriously suffering from an array of severe illnesses when I came to see her. I was reluctant to believe anyone could help me at this point however hearing the rave reviews about Leona from a woman at my Yoga studio I was willing and open to give her a try. I was blown away with her vast knowledge, ability to understand things holistically, and her ability to always look at the big picture.

I came to her in quite a state. I had a severe hormonal imbalance that gave me serious uterine fibroids and kept me in a constant state of severe anemia and starvation so I wouldn’t gain more and more weight. Initially taking the Western Medicine route to treat my symptoms I ended up with two diseases in two of my organs from a prescribed medication used to treat this. I was utterly exhausted, my body felt completely run down, and I was in a lot of daily pain. Leona quickly changed that around. She did a comprehensive blood panel and food allergy testing that got to the bottom of what was really going on in my body. She quickly put together an eating plan with supplementation and natural hormones to balance an heal me. She was there for me 100% encouraging and supporting me while always answering every question knowledgeably and quickly troubleshooting any concerns along the way.

I have now been seeing Leona for about a year and a half. My Fibroids are completely GONE, I have lost almost 50 lbs, I am the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life, the symptoms of my organ problems are almost completely gone, I feel amazing and better every day, and my pain levels are dramatically decreased. My friends and family are blown away with my transformation (not to mention myself). Leona has done things that no traditional Western Dr. could do! For the first time in my life I feel like I have my life back and most importantly tools to keep myself on the right track and healthy for life!

Lastly, I would like to say Leona is amazing and truly cares deeply about her patients. I feel so grateful everyday to have met her. She has given me my life and my health back. I plan on continuing to see her for a long time to come and I highly recommend her to anyone in need. She will not disappoint!

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